Creation of a 58-Acre Public Park

Additional contribution of $25 Million to public parks to the City of Miami

  • Environmental remediation for the 58 acre public park
  • This park contribution is in addition to the significant annual lease payments and tax revenue that Miami Freedom Park & Soccer Village will generate
  • Numerous community family spaces


Financial Benefits

$6.3 Billion in tax revenue over the lease term

  • Requires Zero City taxpayer dollars


High-Paying Jobs

  • 15,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • 1,795 permanent jobs (once open)
  • Creation of an office tech hub


Overwhelming Support from Voters

60% of City of Miami voters approved the referendum this past November in favor of executing Miami Freedom Park's vision


Paying 57% Over Fair Market Value Rent

  • $3.57 Million minimum annual rent payment
  • Paying property taxes
  • First proposal from any local professional sports franchise to offer these benefits to the City


Global Impact


Total Audience


National TV Audience

ONLY Sports Project to:

  • Require NO CITY PUBLIC funding
  • Pay $2.67 BILLION IN RENT to City over the lease term
  • Pay 57% Over FAIR MARKET VALUE RENT to City
  • Create THE LARGEST PARK in the City
  • Contribute an ADDITIONAL $25 MILLION to public parks

There’s not many places around here to take our kids. This will help keep kids off the streets and the i-Pads.

Priscilla LazcanoGrapeland Heights resident

I’m excited for the new soccer fields and programs that will be available at Miami Freedom Park, which will help keep our children active and safe after school, on weekends and during the summer recess.

Wille PerezCity of Miami Resident

The Tech Hub will fill the void of high paying tech jobs along with $44 million dollars in tax revenue all of which will not require tax payer dollars. The project is a win, win and allows us to stay in and contribute to our community without sacrificing our professional ambitions and the first step to making Miami into a leading technological leader.

Serafin DominguezCity of Miami Resident

New park and additional green space at Miami Freedom Park will allow me to go for long walks, stay active and enjoy the outdoors. These things are important to my emotional and physical health.

Nelida MorejonCity of Miami Resident

Enhancing the Community and Our City

Miami Freedom Park & Soccer Village is a privately funded, recreational destination that will incorporate one of the City’s largest public parks, a soccer stadium, soccer fields for the community, a tech hub, hotel, shops and restaurants for all Miamians and visitors to enjoy.

The project will not utilize any city taxpayer dollars

In addition, the project will pay millions in revenue to the community as well as an 57% over Fair Market Value rent to the City.

The Plan

Miami Freedom Park will become a recreational destination that all Miamians can enjoy, providing a 58-acre public park and green space, a tech hub, restaurants and shops, soccer fields for the community, a soccer stadium for Miami’s own Inter Miami, and many more features.

Miami Freedom Park received overwhelming support from City of Miami residents, having achieved 60% voter approval during last November’s referendum.

With this vote, the residents have indicated that they want the City to negotiate and execute a lease for the proposed land.

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Image Courtesy of ARQUITECTONICA/ArquitectonicaGEO/MANICA


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